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Emma Grant

FIC: Troposphere (2/10)

Kanera 2

Title: Troposphere
Chapter 2/10: Paired
Author: Emma Grant
Fandom: Star Wars: Rebels
Pairing: Kanan/Hera
Summary: Set four years before the start of Rebels. Hera and Kanan struggle with their growing feelings for each other while chasing a criminal across the galaxy. Or, nine times they didn’t and one time they did…
Rating: M
Length: 4700 words this chapter (6500 words total so far)
- Massive thanks to drinkingcocoa
, who is such an amazing beta that she can give incredibly useful feedback on a fic for a fandom she isn’t even in!
- For those of you who aren't familiar with my other fic, I usually update weekly on Wednesdays. Thanks in advance for any comments or kudos you're inclined to give!

Links: Read it on AO3 (chapter 2 | start with chapter 1) or on FFN (chapter 2 | start with chapter 1).
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