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swfanfic is a community for sharing Star Wars fanfiction spanning from the beginning of the Republic to beyond the days of the Extended Universe. Slash and het fics of all pairings, lengths, and ratings (G to NC-17) are welcome.

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1. All fics over 100 words or containing spoilers should be behind a lj cut. Ignorance is not an excuse. Here's how to create a lj-cut.

2. Links to your personal journal are fine.

3. Please put the title of the fic and the rating in the subject line. It makes archiving them in memories so much simpler.

4. Please include the title, rating, appropriate warnings, pairings, and summary for fics posted. The following is a suggested format:
5. Be polite in reviews. Flamers will be fed to Jabba the Hutt.

6. If the fic contains spoilers for Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, please mention it in the warnings section.

7. Please proofread your fic or enlist the help of a beta reader before posting.

8. This is not the community for general Star Wars discussion or graphics posts. You may, however, make introductory posts or start fanfiction related discussions.

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